Ohnoitsjamie – Wikipedia admin Busted for accepting bribes

April 15, 2008

Warning – Do not trust this man – Ohnoitsjamie – First case of Corruption on Wikipedia

Ohnoitsjamie (James – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ohnoitsjamie ) is a Wikipedia admin who got busted for accepting bribes in exchange of editing Wikipedia articles and deleting the profiles of their competitors. Ohnoitsjamie is the first case of bribery and corruption on http://www.wikipedia.com

He recently got caught threatening a user to delete his page if he didnt get paid $5,000. The excuse was that the company’s article was non-notable. An argument that jamie used more that 50 times since 2006 to other Wikipeda users bringing him $250,000 in bribe money.

If you are reading this, hopefully it is not late. Report Ohnoitsjamie to the FBI http://www.fbi.gov/ so that he doesnt scam other honest citizens.